Well, after five years of lying to us, the Writers Group for the Women's Health Initiative have finally published an article in this week's New England Journal of Medicine that admits that when used correctly, (IE, start HRT shortly after the onset of menopause), estrogen replacement prevents heart disease and reduces death. In fact, they found a robust 30% reduction of death in those women who were started on estrogen replacement before the age of 60. Of course, you and I have known this fact all along, but it's nice that the WHI has finally admitted it!! The link below will take you to a page from the North American Menopause Society's website that summarizes the paper and gives some most excellent comments by Dr Howard Hodis who is a brilliant and wonderful cardiologist at UCLA who really understands what estrogen does in women. Thank God the truth is finally coming out!!! Please refer your friends (and their doctors!)to this link! You might have to copy and paste to your browser, but please do it, it's well worth the effort!http://www.menopause.org/news/news0607.pdf

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